Frequently Asked Questions

What are the hours?

  • All Beach Volleyball Camps run Monday-Friday from 9am to 12pm.

What to Bring

Each camper will receive an official t-shirt at the start of the camp week. You can wear your shirt, or you can wear anything you like that will be cool and comfortable on the beach. Also, please be sure to put on sunscreen and bring it with you to the beach to reapply if necessary. You may also need a backpack to carry items in, headgear (hat or visor), sunglasses, a towel, snacks and most importantly, a plastic water bottle. Trinity Water has been kind enough to supply the Official Water of Sinjin & Randy’s Beach Volleyball Camps, so water will be provided to campers on site.

  • A bag or backpack to carry your personal belongings (we are not responsible for lost or theft of personal items). Please put a name and identifying information on the INSIDE of the bag.
  • Personal beverages.(water is provided on-site).
  • Sunscreen (even if you put it on at home, bring more with you!).
  • Hat or visor and sunglasses.
  • Beach towel or mat.
  • (optional) Sand socks (or regular white socks) to wear if the sand is too hot.
  • Footwear to walk to and from the parking lot, restrooms and courts.
  • Wear a swimsuit or other comfortable clothes for the beach (swim suit/shorts, tank top/t-shirt). It is recommended that you wear light colors to reflect sunlight and keep you cooler.
  • Each camper will be given an official camp t-shirt on the first day of camp.
  • Campers should also bring any light snacks (i.e.: energy bars, dry cereal, fruit, etc.). There will be regular breaks between drills and activities for snacks and water.
  • Campers staying for full day sessions should bring a sack lunch.
  • Camp staff is not responsible for monitoring personal medications. Camp staff are not authorized to dispense, hold or monitor any medications under any circumstances. If you have a medical condition that requires you to have medication available to you on site, please notify the Site Director and make proper arrangements to have adequate doses of medication available to you.


  • Camp registration is accepted on an ongoing basis and is subject to space availability. Enrollment in the camps is on a first-come, first-served basis.

Click here to register now!

If I registered last year, do I have to fill out another form?

  • YES. Registration is updated annually. You must complete and submit a new registration form each year in which you or your child participate. However, once you submit your registration for the year, you do not have to re-submit it again.

What are the Sand & Sea Beach Camps?

  • Sand & Sea Beach Camps are camps are geared for kids ages 5 and up and include many beach and water activities and games. Parents can choose to send their kids to the Beach Volleyball Camps first (morning sessions) and then enroll them in half day afternoon sessions at the Sand & Sea Beach Camp. Early drop off and extended care is provided for parents who need a little extra time before and after work.

What do the Camps Cost?

  • Camp fees for Beach Volleyball Camps and the Sand & Sea Beach Camps are available on the Registration page click here for a full listing of pricing and payment options. Contact us at info@beachvolleyballcamps.com for more information. Beach Volleyball Camps reserves the right to adjust the fees of any program at any time without prior notice.

If I am registering a group, does each person need a registration packet?

  • Yes. We have a youth registration form and an adult registration form available for download click here. You can also request these forms by sending an email to info@beachvolleyballcamps.com. Even if you fill out one of these special forms, EACH YOUTH PARTICIPANT must still complete and sign the medical release form. EACH ADULT PARTICIPANT must provide proof of insurance, or sign the waiver of liability on the registration form.

If I filled out the Online Registration, do I still need to download and complete the Registration Packet?

  • Yes. The online form is to request a registration packet via mail or email. You should download the Adobe PDF file from the website that contains the registration application, medical release forms, waiver of liability and code of conduct documents that are required for each camper. Please note that there are different forms for the different camps (ie: Youth and Adult). click here for registration information.

Can I register on-site for Camps?

  • It is possible to register on-site for the camps, however, you wil be charged a late fee for last minute processing. On-site registration is only accepted on Mondays of each camp week when the camp representative is present. We recommend that you contact us in advance regarding registration. Space is not guaranteed for last minute or on-site registrations. You will not be allowed to participate in camp until all necessary registration forms and the medical release form are completed properly and signed by a parent or legal guardian over the age of 18.

What is the Policy on parking at Camp Sites?

  • Camp participants and parents are subject to all parking regulations, fees and fines without exception. For the Will Rogers State Beach site, parents or carpools who wish to drop off camp participants may obtain a special Beach Volleyball Camps/Sand and Sea Beach Camps parking pass that will allow you to enter the parking lot at Temescal Canyon and Pacific Coast Highway without paying the daily fee. You have 15 minutes to drop off/pick up your passengers and remove your automobile from the parking lot. Your permit must be displayed at all times, and you are subject to parking violations if you stay beyond the time allotted or if your vehicle is left unattended. Beach Volleyball Camps and Sand & Sea Beach Camps are not responsible for parking fines obtained at any site.

Can Parents watch Camp?

  • Yes, but we’d prefer if you participated too! All spectators are welcome to watch camp from a designated viewing area. We would also recommend that parents sign up for classes with their young children so they can learn the drills at the same time and continue the interaction once camp is completed. Due to insurance liability issues, we cannot allow unregistered particpants on court during live play.

Do Sinjin and Randy give private lessons?

  • Yes. Both Sinjin and Randy are available for private lessons on a space available basis. In addition, some of the coaches who will be working with us this summer are also available for private coaching. If you are interested in private lessons, please send an email to info@beachvolleyballcamps.com.

Are there Camp locations other than California?

  • Beach Volleyball Camps are offered in Hawaii and Florida, on some of the most beautiful beaches in the world. There are more states forthcoming wth camp locations. Specific information on camps outside the state of California will be posted to the “What’s New” of “Special Events” section on our website, so be sure to check back regularly. We also host a number of special event camps, such as our Sinjin Smith & Randy Stoklos Costa Rica Beach Volleyball Week each November. In addition, if you have any suggestions about camp locations for us to investigate, please email our office at info@beachvolleyballcamps.com.

Can I sign up for Camp with my friends?

  • Absolutely! We want this to be a fun experience for you so we encourage you to sign up with friends. We also want you to make new friends at camp so we’ll do everything possible to design drills that will allow you to have fun with your friends, but will also let you meet the new people in camp. If you are planning to sign up with friends, it helps to note that on your registration application so that we can be sure to put you all in the same group.
  • You can request that your child or children by placed with specific particpants, as long as all parties are registered for the same camp sessions. To do so, please print the first and last names of the participants you wish to have in your child’s group on your registration application. Best efforts will be used to fulfill each request.

I have a gift certificate from a school or charity auction, How do I use it?

  • Gift certificates are redeemable for camp registration only. They are not refundable or transferrable. If you would like to redeem your gift certificate, simply fill out the proper registration information and submit it with your original gift certificate. Unless otherwise noted on the actual gift certificate, the certificate valid only for camp sessions and not for private coaching sessions.

I accidentally overpaid my camp fees, How do I request a refund?

  • If you have overpaid your camp fees, you can request a refund in writing by sending your request to: Beach Volleyball Camps, PO Box 1714, Pacific Palisades, CA 90272. You may also fax your request to (310) 943-1506. Please note the participant’s name, camp start date, amount paid and method of payment. Refunds for any Paypal transactions are made through Paypal only. There are no refunds distributed once the camp session has begun.

I am having trouble downloading the forms on your website, how else can I access those forms?

If you are experiencing difficulty downloading the registration materials on our website you have a few options: 1.) Click hereto fill out an Online Request for a Registration Packet. Include your email and fax number and the necessary forms will be forwarded to you. 2.) If you do not have access to the internet, you can call our hotline at (310) 940-7166 and request that a packet be sent to you or faxed. Please speak clearly and slowly, spelling any necessary street names or cities.

What is your refund policy?

  • Beach Volleyball Camps registration enrollment includes a 50% non-refundable deposit. Missed camp sessions may be made up at a later date. A $25 administrative fee is withheld for all refunds processed with prior approval from camp management. Refund requests due to medical absence must be accompanied by a doctor’s note from the treating physician. All refund requests must be submitted in writing, no exceptions. Beach Volleyball Camps reserves the right to review and revise the refund policy at any time with written notice on our website.

How will I know my registration wass received?

  • Once your registration is received by Beach Volleyball Camps, it is processed by our camp administration team. Your camp dates and payment information are reviewed. You are then sent a confirmation post card, fax or email (depending on which method of contact you provided) that confirms camp enrollment and any balance due on your fees. Due to the heavy volume of calls received during the enrollment period, Beach Volleyball Camps recommends that you use email communication as often as possible for the fastest response.

Is it possible to enroll in camp on a daily basis, perhaps 2 or 3 days a week?

  • Yes. You may choose to enroll in Beach Volleyball Camps on a daily basis. Your fees are prorated to reflect your enrollment, so you only pay for the sessions you attend. This policy does not apply to persons who have enrolled in a weekly session and do not show up for certain days. You should indicate on your registration application what days you would like to enroll in if you don’t plan on attending the full week of camp.

How are kids grouped for camping sessions?

The camp participants begin and end each session as a group, in order to receive information about the camp session and to see skill demonstrations by our camp staff. They will be then be divided into smaller groups for more personal instruction during drills and training. The particpants are evaluated constantly and divided into age and skill appropriate groups for all camp activities.

Are kids allowed to go in the water?

  • If you are signed up for Beach Volleyball Camps, the kids will have the opportunity at the end of the session to cool off in the ocean with supervision if they want to. If you are signed up for Sand and Sea Camp, the ocean is a big part of either session. Kids will learn ocean safety boogie boarding, body surfing, board surfing, as well as many other activities.

How do I get a Beach Volleyball Camp in my town?

Refund Policy

  • Beach Volleyball Camps registration enrollment includes a 50% non-refundable deposit. Missed camp sessions may be made up at a later date. A $25 administrative fee is withheld for all refunds processed with prior approval from camp management. Refund requests due to medical absence must be accompanied by a doctor’s note from the treating physician. All refund requests must be submitted in writing, no exceptions. Beach Volleyball Camps reserves the right to review and revise the refund policy at any time with written notice on our website.